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Applied Physics. Diebold condu-

cts research in experimental sur-

face science with an

emphasis on metal

oxide surfaces. She

is particularly inte-

rested in the atomic-

-scale properties of

these complex ma-

terials, and in unra-

veling their (defect)

structure/reactivity re-

lationship. The main

tool, Scanning Probe

Microscopy, is com-

plemented by area-a-

veraging surface spectroscopies

and first-principles calculations.

Diebold has published more

than 200 peer-reviewed articles,

and has given over 300 invited

talks. Her articles have been ci-

Germany), which develops and

manufactures near-field optical


From 1998 to 2007

he worked at the Max

Planck Institut for

Biochemistry (Mar-



where he led the

Nano-Photonics Re-

search Group from

2003 to 2007. He ob-

tained his PhD degree in physics

from the Technical University of

Munich in 2001.

Hillenbrand’s research activi-

ties include the development

of optical near-field nanoscopy

and infrared nanospectroscopy,

and its applications in nanopho-

tonics, graphene plasmonics,

Plenary Speakers





Institute of Applied Physics,

TU Wien, Vienna, Austria


San Sebastian, Spain

ted more than 20,000 times. She

has been elected a Fellow of AVS,

APS, and AAAS,

and is a mem-

ber of the Aus-

trian, German,

and European

Academies of

Sciences. She is

also a recipient

of several inter-

national awards,



Advanced Rese-

arch Grant from



an Research Council (ERC), the

Adamson Award of the American

Chemical Society, and the Witt-

genstein Prize, the highest rese-

arch award in Austria.

materials sciences and biology.

In 2014 he received the Ludwig-


“for the design



ment of infra-

red near-field

spec t roscopy

and the appli-

cation of the no-

vel spectrosco-



in different fields of na-

tural sciences”.

Ulrike Diebold received her PhD

degree in engineering physics in

1990 from the University of Tech-

nology (TU Wien) in Vienna, Aus-

tria. After working as a post-doc

with Prof. Ted Madey at Rutgers

University in New Jersey, she jo-

ined the faculty at Tulane Univer-

sity, New Orleans, U.S.A. In 2010

she returned to her alma mater,

where she currently holds a full

professorship at the Institute of

Rainer Hillenbrand is Iker-

basque Research Professor and

Nanooptics Group Leader at the

nanoscience research center

CIC nanoGUNE in San Sebastian

(Basque Country, Spain), and a

Joint Professor at the Universi-

ty of the Basque Country. He is

also co-founder of the compa-

ny Neaspec GmbH (Martinsried,