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Plenary Speakers

research program focuses on the

development and application

of novel experimen-

tal methods to di-

rectly visualize exotic

electronic phenome-

na in solids. Through

these studies he has

been at the forefront

of researching many

novel electronic phe-

nomena in conden-

sed matter systems.

One his main current

interest is visualizing

topological quantum

states and their novel boundary

modes, such as Majorana fermi-

ons. He received his Ph.D. from

Stanford University in 1995, wor-

ked as a scientist at IBM’s Alma-




Princeton University, Professor

of Physics, Princeton, USA;


Princeton Center for Complex

Materials, NSF-supported Ma-

terials Research Science and

Engineering Center, Princeton,


den Research Center in Califor-

nia (1995-1997), and was a faculty

member at the

University of Illi-

nois at Urbana-

- C h amp a i g n

in (1997-2004),

before joining

Princeton. He is

a fellow of the

American Phys-



the American

Association for


of Science, and

the American Academy of Arts

and Sciences.

Ali Yazdani is the Class of 1909

Professor of Physics at Prince-

ton University and the Director

of Princeton Center for Complex

Materials, an NSF-supported Ma-

terials Research Science and En-

gineering Center. Ali Yazdani‘s